Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If today is tuesday, tomorrow is…

During Tuesdays morning group time we realized:
Morah Katie: Yesterday was Monday, so today is ?
Mimi: Tuesday.
Morah Katie: If today is Tuesday then tomorrow is?
Efraim: Chanukah!
Morah Katie: That is true, tomorrow is Wednesday AND the first night of Chanukah!
 Despite the shortness of this week, discoveries were made and joy was had.
Mimi: It's frosty!
A Judah sno-globe
Counting out candles
Efraim: There are 44.
8 nights.
Ella: There are a LOT of candles.
Oil painting
Potato grating
Scout: I'm making a carrot menorah. The candles keep falling.
Efraim: The candles are melting.
Grouping candles by 10s.
Different ways of creating 8.
Joy in playing.

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