Friday, November 8, 2013

"Ladybug ladybug, won't you be my friend?"

Ladybug Ladybug (echo)
Landed on my thumb (echo)
crawled on to my wrist (echo)
crawled up to my elbow (echo)
Ladybug ladybug (echo) 
crawled up my arm (echo)
and then she flew away.
OH ladybug oh ladybug oh won't you be my friend?
OH ladybug oh ladybug, won't you come and visit me again?
(continue as with first verse:
Morah Katie: How can you tell a ladybug is an insect?
Gracie: 6 legs.
Sroli: 3 Parts.
Morah Katie: What do ladybugs eat?
Gracie: Fruit flies.
Jack: Aphids.
Morah Katie: What if we didn't have ladybugs?
Efraim: Aphids eat all plants,  food we eat.
Morah Katie: What color can a ladybug be?
Efraim: Red.
Gracie: Orange
Sroli: Yellow.
Morah Katie: Why are they so bright and colorful?
Gracie: They taste gross.
Scout: They are not delicious.
Jack: Birds will know they are poisonous.
Morah Katie: Are they poisonous to us?
Zim: No, but we don't eat them!
But we CAN eat ORANGES we transform INTO LADYBUGS!
Morah Katie: Grasshoppers like to blend into their environment. What colors do you think a grasshopper can be?
Gracie: Green.
Morah Katie: Blending into the grass and leaves helps to protect them from predators like birds. Why?
Efraim: Camouflage.
Morah Katie: Grasshoppers are not nocturnal insects. When would you find them being most active?
Issac: Grasshoppers hop.
Anton: Grasshoppers leap.
Morah Katie: When would we see grasshoppers hop and leap? 
Scout: During the day.
Morah Katie: Yes! Grasshoppers are diurnal, active in daytime.

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