Friday, November 1, 2013

We compared spiders and insects and discovered that spiders are not insects.
Morah Katie: Look at this spider, look at this dragonfly, what is different?
Efraim: Spiders spin webs.
Morah Katie: Do dragonflies spin webs?
Kids: No!
Sroli: Dragonfly has wings.
Morah Katie: Do spiders have wings?
Kids: No!
Sroli: Spider has 8 legs.
Abigail:  Bug has 6 legs.
Scout: Spiders have 2 body parts.
Morah Katie: How many body parts does the dragonfly have?
Natan: 3.
Our spider crafts helped teach us that spiders have 2 body parts, 8 legs and 8 eyes.
We learned that the 8 legs and eyes are attached to a spider's:
Sroli: Sep lo thorax (cephalothorax)
We discovered all spiders produce:
Morah Katie: What body part will we find a spider's silk gland on?
Scout: Abdomen.
Morah Katie: Do all spiders spin webs?
Gracie: No.
Morah Katie: Where do spiders live?
Efraim: Webs.
Jack: In holes.
Gracie: By trees.
Morah Amanda: Is spinning a web easy or hard?
Efraim: It is hard.
Ella: Yes, it is hard to spin a web.

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