Friday, January 10, 2014

We are preparing for a trip around the world!
Morah Katie: What are some things we know we have in common with kids around the world?
Gracie: We play.
Sroli: We eat snacks and food.
Zim: We live in houses.
Gracie: We wear clothes.
Sroli: These are all kids.
Ella: They look like they are friends. They are holding hands.
Zim: They are standing on the earth.
 Scout: There are a lot of animals. 
Anton: The tiger lives there on the yellow one.
Amelia: Polar bears live in the green one.
Ari: There is a train on the yellow one.
 Ella: I found the Ukraine! 
First thing thursday morning Anton began the African safari puzzle.  
He spent all day working on it and to his delight he finished just before lunch!  
A rest was well deserved!
We created our own continent maps.
 Morah Katie: Isaac, which continent is South America?
Isaac: This one, and this one is Europe.

Morah Katie: What are some things we should take with us on our trip around the world?
Sroli: Snacks.
Zim: A coat.
Ella: A toy.
Gracie: Clothes.
Natan: Boots.
Efraim: Crayons and paper.
We practiced packing our suitcase, and preparing for our flight.
We took passport pictures.
We are packed.
We have our passports.
 We are ready to travel!
Next week we head to Asia! 
First stop Israel.

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