Friday, January 24, 2014

As in Israel, we learned a few important phrases to help us while visiting Japan:
Ohayo goziamasu- good morning
Domo arigato gozaimasu- thank you (very polite form)
Onegaishimasu- please/give it a try/ please favor me
Sayonara- Good bye

This week we heard:
Ella: Onegaishimasu more oranges.
Efraim: Konnichwa!
Scout: Domo arigato Anton.
Gracie: Morah Katie sensei (teacher)
The children heard the affectionate term of chan added to their names.
For example:
Archie became Archie-chan.
Zimmora became Zimmora-chan
Isaac became Isaac-chan
We began our visit to Japan by creating the flag.
Zimmora: It is a pretty simple flag, just a red circle.
When at home, Japanese will take off their outside shoes and put slippers on.  
Children also change shoes at school. 
The outside shoes are left by the entrance and slippers are worn in the classroom.
We wore kimonos. 
Kimono means clothing. It is the traditional garment of the Japanese.
Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. 
To create origami, you take a flat sheet of paper and create a sculpture by folding.
We made decorative paper lanterns like ones used in many Japanese festivals.
Japan is an island. Japan has a lot of volcanoes.
Gracie: 200 volcanoes!
Morah Katie: How many can still erupt? Are still active?
Efraim: 60.
Morah Katie: Who can tell me the name of the tallest volcano in Japan? It has clouds around the top? It is a sleeping, dormant volcano.
Natan: Mount Fuji.
Morah Katie: What is the name of the largest active volcano?
Sroli: Naka.
We pretended to be small volcanoes who kept erupting until we were tall volcanoes.
We created our own Mt. Nake-dake with vinegar and baking soda.
 We practiced using chopsticks with pompoms. 
Japanese writing is called kana/kanji.  
It is read right to left, and from top to bottom.

We completed our trip to Japan with the making of sushi.
Nori (seaweed wrapper)
sticky rice
sliced cucumber.
Ella: Put down the seaweed.
Gracie: Rough side up.
Abigail: Smash the rice on.
Efraim: Little water on seaweed and roll.
Natan: Squeeze.
Isaac: Sushi!
Ella and Gracie decided to try making hand rolls. 
Natan: I like it.
Sroli: I ate the cucumber!
We discovered we all liked sushi!
While visiting Japan we celebrated Amelia's 4th birthday!
Tanjoubi omedetou Amelia-chan!
Sayonara Japan!
Next stop is the continent of Africa! 
52 different countries to choose from!

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