Friday, March 21, 2014

¡Hola Argentina!

¡Hola from Argentina!
We have flown to South America.
Our first stop is Argentina.
While in Argentina we visited the Andes mountain range.
Morah Katie: What can you tell me about the Andes?
Efraim: They have snow and chilly.
Morah Katie: They are very very tall mountains with glaciers on some peaks, and they separate Argentina for it's neighbor Chile.
Morah Katie: Are there any animals in Argentina that we have seen in other places around the world?
Jack: Penguins.
Morah Katie: Where else have we seen penguins?
Sroli: Arctica!
Morah Katie: Yes, Antarctica. Anywhere else?
Scout: Australia.
Morah Katie: What other animal can we find in Australia and Argentina? These animals help children with one of their needs to be happy and successful.
Scout: Sheep.
Morah Katie: What do sheep provide?
Ameila: Thread.
Scout: Wool.
Gracie: For clothes.
We learned that in the area of Argentina called The Pampas, gauchos herd cattle.
Morah Katie: Who are Gauchos? 
Gracie: Argentina cowboys and cowgirls.
These gauchos took turns riding our "horse" Brownie.
We visited the city Buenos Aires. While there we went the neighborhood of La Boca. We discovered that the buildings are colorful.
Ella: They look happy.
Scout: I see orange.
Amelia: I see red.
Efraim: I see green.

We discovered a sweet treat while in La Boca: empanadas!
These pastries can be savory with meat and beans or sweet with fruit.
We had apple empanadas.
Ari: I have an empanada. It is apple.
I like cinnamon.
Gracie: It is good.
Natan: I like it!
While in Argentina, we discovered the Tango!
Adios Argentina!

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