Thursday, March 6, 2014

Visiting with Rabbi Mordechai and Esther.

Purim preparation has begun.
Morah Tzivie: What is the name of the upcoming holiday? 
Judah: PURIM! It is on the 16th!
Morah Tzivie: It is a special day, a holiday. We celebrate, eat special foods. It is a very happy holiday.  
We are introduced to the people of Purim.
Rabbi Mordechai:
Gracie: He is helpful and kind. 
Zim: He prays with the Jewish people.
Sroli: He WON"T bow DOWN!
Efraim: We should be kindly like Rabbi Mordechai.
Scout: He was the leader of the Jewish people.
Morah Tzivie: Rabbi Mordechai was a tzadik, someone who is so kind and always does good, kind things.
Gracie: She was a regular girl and then she was queen.
Scout: She gets to be queen but she didn't really want to be queen but she did the right thing and became queen.
Efraim: Esther made challah.
King Achashveirosh:
Efraim: He had a banquet. 
Gracie: He is the king who rules a lot of people.
Scout: He likes to have parties. He wanted a Queen.
Gracie: He is silly. 
Zim: He doesn't really think of things. He likes to go to parties.
Zim: Haman was mean and always wanted people to do what he said.
Judah: He was a bad man. He wanted to hurt the Jews.
Sroli: He was angry!

We transformed our home living area into Rabbi Mordechai's home. 
Morah Tzivie: What do you think Rabbi Mordechai's house was like?
Judah: A torah.
Gracie: Shabbat dinners
Ari: Paper
Sroli: Siddur.
The children compared the comfortable joyful home of Rabbi Mordechai, 
to the pretty, but not so cozy,  palace of King Achashveirosh.
As we listen to the story of Purim, we see that even though Esther did not want to become queen, 
she knew Hashem had a plan.
Queen Esther knew He would be with her.

We went on a few nature walks this week to see that Hashem is with us in everything, just like he was with Esther.
Morah Katie: What do we see?
Amelia: The leaves are moving.
Efraim: Scout's hair blowing.
Morah Katie: Who causes the wind to blow?
Natan: Hashem!
Efraim: The sun and black clouds!
Natan: Worms!
Morah Katie: Why did Hashem create worms?
Jack: They dig holes in the earth.
Ameila: They help things grow.
Zim: I feel the wind.
Scout: Rain clouds are coming.
Efriam: Hashem sends the the rain to water the ground.
We went for a second nature walk Wednesday but a downpour started! 
We came inside to play.
In the playroom,  Judah realized while he had been putting a helmet on, the bike he wanted was no longer available.
Judah became worried and upset, only the scooter was left.
Judah: I don't scooter.
Morah Katie: Judah, wait! Maybe this is why it started raining and we had to come inside! MAYBE Hashem thinks today is the day Judah DOES scooter!
Judah: I don't think so.
Sroli: Yeah I think so.
Morah Katie: I do. I feel confident that is why the scooter is left. Hashem thinks you are ready.
Judah got the scooter. 
Judah scooted!!
Sroli: Hashem is everywhere.
Thursday was a dark blustery day. We braved the wind for one more walk.
Morah Katie: Listen to the wind. I think it sounds like a horn when it blows SO strong!
Efraim: Like music! 
Gracie: Yeah and the rain is like drums.
Isaac: The wind is bringing rain. It's a storm.
Anton: But now there is the pond!
Jack: Frogs probably live there.
Natan: Plants grow.
Efraim: Hashem makes it.
Morah Katie: It is a dark stormy day. Did you enjoy the walk in the wind?
Abigail: Yes! It was fun!
Sroli: It was blowing!
Morah Katie: Did you expect to have so much fun?
Ella: No.
Morah Katie: How can having fun on a dark blustery day remind us of Hashem?
Gracie: Even when it doesn't look good, Hashem is really there. He is with us.

Next week, we will re-enact the Purim story!
We will learn about the fun things we do to help us remember and celebrate this fun and happy holiday.
Evan already has his gragger ready to shake!

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