Thursday, March 13, 2014

 Celebrating Purim
"Little Torah, Little Torah, 
let me hold you tight.
Teach me, teach me all your mitzvoth, 
so I can do them right."
Morah Katie: Please tell me a mitzvah?
Gracie: Helping a brother or sister or mother.
Natan: Helping a grandma.
Efraim: Helping a grandpa.
Zim: Helping a friend.
Morah Katie: Helping is a mitzvah. What is a mitzvah you might do to celebrate Purim?
Scout: Share tzedakah.
Sroli: Give cakes.
Morah Katie: What is giving food called?
Efraim: Mishloach manot.
Morah Katie: What is another mitzvah we do to remember and celebrate the Purim story?
Judah: Shake the grogger.
Morah Katie: When? 
Gracie: When we hear Haman!
Morah Katie: What do we call the scroll the story is read from?
Efraim: Megillah.
Morah Katie: To help us celebrate you are all going to get to dress up as the people in the story and we will make our own Gan Megillah!
Morah Katie: What is another mitzvah we do for Purim?
Jack: Eat cake and ice cream.
Natan: We eats lots of treats to celebrate.
Morah Katie: We have a festive feast! Do we wear anything special to the party?
Gracie: We dress up in costumes to celebrate.

We practiced making mishloach manor for our friends in class.
As we learned to include 2 types of food for our mishloach manot, we sorted our kitchen food by the Bracha for each food.
We used our snack basket to help us create a mishloach manot still life painting.
We have been sharing a bit more tzedakah each morning.
We enjoyed a delightful fruit feast as we practiced shaking our groggers when we heard Haman.

Purim is a happy holiday.
We see and remember how Hashem is always with us.
We share the joy and happiness we feel by sharing and giving to others so everyone can feel as happy as we do.
Fortunately, my friends at The Gan live this daily.
Happy Purim!

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