Friday, November 21, 2014

Everyday is thanksgiving day

"From the morning sun to stars so bright,
From Modah Ani to Shema every night
From the bracha for bread to the Torah we read,
It's a thanksgiving day"
Morah Katie: Why don't we use the money we collect for tzedakah for ourselves?
Sroli: Because we have stuff.
Natan: Tzedakah is for buying stuff for people who need it, who don't have it.
Morah Katie: Can you tell me something you have, that you are grateful for?
Abigail: The toys I have.
Clara: Carlton, my dog.
We are creating a chain of thanks as we approach the holiday of Thanksgiving. 
I asked the kids if they thought we would make it as long as the green wall by the end of the week.
This is our wall after 2 days.
We are thankful for everything from candy, to friends, to coats, to mitzvahs, to mom's and dad's.
Morah Stephanie: There are so many things to be thankful for each day. What are you thankful for?
Natan: Mitzvahs.
Sroli: Hashem.
Amelia: The flowers that bloom on trees.
Isaac: I am thankful for deers and woodpeckers.
Anton: I am thankful for puzzles.
We are writing thank you notes to our friends letting them know we care about them, and we are thankful for the kind things they do.

Natan: Abigail, Can I have some of your blocks? The rest are all gone.
Abigail: Sure Natan. Amelia and Clara, do you need blocks too?
Amelia: Yes please. 
Abigail continued to happily share all of her blocks.
Abigail:Morah Katie I want to write I am thankful for my friends.

Evan: Sroli, do you have a jacket?
Sorely: Yes.
Evan: Judah, do you have a jacket?
Judah: No, I don't.
Evan: I will buy you one.
Judah: Thank you.
Later, Judah remembered he did have a jacket; he decided Evan should buy someone who really needs a jacket the jacket.

We had the good fortune to thank Hashem for our friend Olivia.
Olivia turned 3 years old thursday. 
We celebrated her and and expressed our thanks for all the joy she brings to class.
In addition we would like to thank the Segal family for the play food and cart, it is a great addition to our playground market.

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