Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters

Each day we share 1, 2 or more coins for tzedakah.  
Morah Katie: Why do we share tzedakah?
Sroli: It 's a mitzvah.
Morah Katie: How is dropping coins in the can a mitzvah?
Abigail: It buys stuff for people.
Anton: People who don't have a lot.

Before we examine what the coins in our tzedakah collection box can purchase, we will be exploring the value of money in our classroom.

Our home living area is now a store and a bank.  
Once the banker has given us some money, we can spend it at the store. 
At The Gan store you can buy a variety of items such as an apple for 10 cents, a croissant for 50 cents or a sandwich for 1 dollar.

Evan: Sroli be sure to get the milk.
Sroli: Ok, I have enough money to  buy milk.
Sofia: We are buying food for our friends. Here is some money.
Clara: We are making lunch for them so we need to get food.
Amelia: I have 10 dollars for my 10 vegetables.
Farmer/ Morah Katie: Ok, thank you ladies come again!

Pennies nickels dimes and quarters
Pennies nickel dimes and quarters
Pennies nickels dimes and quarters
Share them for tzedakah!
We peeked into our tzedakah container. We saw a lot of shared coins.
We learned that we could make one dollar in a variety of ways.
We can use 1 dollar bill.
We can use 4 quarters; they equal 1 dollar.
We can use 10 dimes; they equal 1 dollar.
We can use 20 nickels; they equal 1 dollar.
We have 10 groups of 10 pennies! We can 100 pennies! They equal a dollar.
We added up all the groups of money. 
We had 5 dollars of tzedakah! 
Sroli: OOOOH ooooh ooh! There's still a lot in there!
Natan: We can buy so much!

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