Friday, November 14, 2014

Sharing our Tzedakah

We have taken our exploration of the value of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to the next step.
Morah Stephanie: Would you like to buy some lettuce?
Clara: Sure!
Amelia: It costs 10 cents.
Sroli: You can use a dime.

Morah Katie: I have an opportunity for you.  I bought a box of Go-Go Squeezes, and I am going to offer to sell 1 pouch to each of you. Morah Stephanie is sharing a quarter, 25 cents, with each of you. 
You may choose to spend your quarter on 1 Go-Go Squeeze, OR keep the 25 cents. Your Choice.  
 We sold out.
Morah Katie: Do you remember last year when we went on our trip around the world?
We discovered that every child needs certain things to go grow healthy and strong and to stay healthy. What are those needs?
Sofia: Fruit.
Natan: Milk.
Sroli: Food.
Judah: Clothes.
Sroli: Shelter from the hot hot sun.
Abigail: Raincoats.
Natan: Love.
Morah Katie: There are some children who don't have these things, how can we help them?
Abigail: With the tzedakah. We can buy them things. 
We decided to find out just how much tzedakah we have collected.
Our collection container was turned upside down!
We had shared so much it was spilling over!
We sorted our coins and counted them up.
Isaac: How did we get all that money?
Morah Katie: You guys! Each day you share just a few coins, our container fills up. 
Olivia: It is really heavy.
We counted $28.55!
We collected enough dollar bills and coins to buy 11 children one 4 pack of GO-Go Squeezes!
Morah Katie: What can we use our Tzedakah money for? 
Children all at once: Coats! Gloves! Hats! 
Morah Katie: For us?
Kids: NO! For others.
Amelia: Buying them for us would be silly.
Sroli: IT is cold and I am grateful for my gloves.
Amelia: IT may snow on Thursday. 
It was so cold Tuesday night we found ice in our tires! 
There was a leaf frozen inside one of the tires.
And it DID snow Thursday!

Colder weather is on its way; we have decided to use our tzedakah to buy a coat for child in need.

Rabbi Greenberg visited our morning circle and we shared with him our idea.
Rabbi Greenberg: That's a great idea. It is getting cold now. That is what we do with the tzedakah charity, we use it by things for people in need.

The children decorated their own tzedakah boxes. 
It was a very exciting activity. 
The children put a lot of love into creating the special box.
As we think about what we will by for children in need, we are taking time to be thankful for what we have.
Isaac: I am thankful for milk.
Abigail: I am thankful for money so that I can buy what I need.
Sroli: I am thankful for snow.
Olivia: I am thankful for water and milk and orange juice.

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