Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lunar landing!

We boarded our space shuttle and traveled to the moon this week.
The Gan astronauts discovered many interesting lunar facts.
Morah Katie: Let's see if we can jump off Earth and float out into space. 1, 2, 3 Jump!
   Are we floating?
Kids: NO!
Morah Katie: We are not floating off the Earth because of a force we can't see called Gravity.
There is zero gravity in space.  What do you think will happen when I drop our moon pillow?
Amelia: It will fall.
Morah Katie: Let's try it.
Gravity is working.  Gravity is  felt on the Moon, but it is different on the Moon. It is not as strong as on Earth.
What do you think would happen if I dropped the pillow while we were on the moon?
Natan: It would just float away.
Anton: My astronauts are collecting rocks.
Morah Katie: Are they heavy or light?
Anton: The are light because they are not on Earth.
Morah Katie: What causes that to happen? 
Abigail/Anton: Gravity!
We ran our floating corn experiment again; this time pretending the corn kernels were astronauts.
We placed the corn astronauts in the baking soda space shuttle, added vinegar and the corn experienced zero gravity!
Ari: We would need a space shuttle with a rocket and launch pad to get to the moon. The engines would blast fire and we would fly. 
Evan: I am making my space shuttle which will take me up to the moon.
Natan: Astronauts lay down during the launch and then they sit up. They use buckles or they would float around.
Morah Katie: How is the Moon different then the Earth?
Abigail: Things are lighter because gravity is not as strong. Gravity keeps us on Earth.
Morah Katie: Could we live on the Moon?
Anton: NO, there is no air.
Natan: There is no oxygen.
Evan: We would have to wear gravity boots to keep us on the moon. My astronaut jumped off the moon and his boots fell off.  He floated away. 
Amelia: And we would need oxygen helmets so we can breathe.
Morah Katie: Can things grow on the Moon?
Abigail: No, there are no living things on the moon.
Amelia: It is rock.
Morah Katie: What are those holes on the Moon called?
Sroli: They are craters.

Morah Katie: If the moon is rock, how were the astronauts able to leave their bootprints? 
Natan: Meteoroids.
Morah Katie:  What are meteoroids?
Natan: Small rocks in space that crash all the time into the moon.
Sroli: They made the moon dust by crashing apart.
Morah Katie: What are meteorites?
Isaac: Shooting stars.
Spoil: When the meteoroids come to Earth.
Isaac: Morah Katie is this real Moon dust?
Morah Katie: Isaac what would I need to collect Moon dust?
Isaac:  A space ship and boots.
Morah Katie: I would. Sadly I do not have those things, but I do have my imagination.
Isaac: I do too.
Morah Katie: Does the Moon always look the same?
Amelia: No, every night it gets smaller and then bigger.
Evan: I made half moons.
Sroli: It's the sun that makes the moon light up.
Olivia: The Sun goes to the floor and then it's night. Then it's the moon.
 We created the phases of the moon using delicious cookies.
Morah Stephanie: What is it when the Moon is all white?
Olivia: It's a full moon.
Abigail: I have a full moon and now a half moon!
Morah Katie: If we could walk to the moon, it would take 3000 days to walk from the Earth to the Moon. That is a little longer than 8 years! Judah how old are you?
Judah: 4.
Morah Katie: When we reached the Moon you would be?
Judah: 12 years old!
Natan: Well I am turning 5 in March, so I would be 13 when we got to the Moon.
Morah Katie: That's a good point. You would all either be 11, 12, or 13 years old. You would all be in middle school!
Sroli: 3000 days is a long time, I bet that is like 100 miles!
While on board our space shuttle, 
we traveled out into Space (the Hebrew school classroom with lights off)
and watched the Sun (flashlight) 
light up the Moon  (an orange) 
as it traveled around Earth (Isaac).

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