Thursday, January 22, 2015

Twinkle twinkle little star, Wait! We know what you are!

Morah Katie: What can you tell me about stars?
Sroli: Shooting stars!
Morah Katie: What are shooting stars?
Sroli: Meteorites!
Morah Katie: I agree,  we call meteorites shooting stars. What do we know about stars?
Anton: They live in the night sky.
Sroli: At night stars look just like circles.
Amelia: You can use a telescope to look at stars.
Morah Katie: I'd like to share one more fact with you.  Take a breath in and fill your lungs with air.  We can't see air, it is a gas.  We need this important gas to survive.  Stars are made of different gases. A star is a big fire ball of gas.
Sroli: What are these?
Morah Stephanie: These are constellations. They are group of stars, that form shapes.
Sroli: They are really dark.
Morah Katie: It's the dark night sky.
Abigail: This one looks like a horn.
Morah Stephanie: I agree! It's name is Andromeda.
Ari: The yellow circles are the stars, they are big balls of fiery gas and they are very hot and they are making a shape in the sky.
Amelia: The red star is hot, but not as hot as the blue star. Blue stars are the hottest.
Sroli: Yellow orange stars are not very very very hot.
Morah Katie: Which is hotter blue stars or yellow stars?
Sroli: Blue stars. They are very very very very hot.
Morah Katie: Which is cooler yellow or red stars?
Natan: Red stars are not hot enough. 
Sroli: Red stars are just hot.
Abigail: Our sun is a yellow star.
Isaac: It's the Sun,  it's a big ball of fire.
Morah Katie: It's a star. Our sun in fact is a star. 
Isaac: So that (pointing to the sun model hanging from the ceiling) is a star?
Morah Katie: Yes!
Isaac: And the Sun.
Anton: I see the blue stars, they are the hottest.
Evan: Look at my star. It's a big ball of firey gas.
My astronaut is on it.
Matan: That is a guy. 
Morah Katie: An astronaut.
Matan: Astronaut. A rocket ship.
Judah: These are the planets.
Sroli: We have them in our classroom.
Morah Katie: Sroli, did you just draw a 5 pointed star?
Sroli: Yeah, I just did it.

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