Friday, March 13, 2015

Music to our Ears

Natan and Abigail are enjoying a flute solo.

This week we explored a variety of musical styles.
An activity we had in the classroom was a "listen and paint" easel.
Each day as we listened to a different type of music, the children were invited to paint what they heard.
Abigail is painting to Mozart

Amelia is painting the beat to some big band jazz.
Sroli is painting the blues.
And then he moves on to rock and roll
Sroli: The pink is when I heard the guitar.

We made some guitars and kazoos.

Natan: (referring to kazoo) When you cover the hole the noise is louder.
Sroli: When I blow very hard it makes a laughing sound.
While listening to the blues,
Amelia: Nora has the nap time blues, she never wants to go to sleep, she never wants take her nap.
Eliana: My sister Amelia has the sick time blues, she wanted to go to the hammock but she was too sick. She was sad.

Morah Stephanie: Music can make you feel many different things. 
Listen to this music and show me how you are feeling.
Anton: It makes me happy!
Abigail: It make me happy too!
Sroli: It made me laugh.
Music can make us feel happy, sad, spooky and silly.

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