Friday, March 6, 2015

Purim day, Purim day, what a happy holiday!

Purim day
Purim day,
What a happy holiday!
Wear your mask, 
wear your crown
All around the town!
Sroli: I made a crown with veggie straws.
We prepared for Purim mitzvahs.
We decorated bags for Mishloach Manot.
Amelia: I am making it really colorful so it will be beautiful.
Sroli: I am using stickers!
Clara: Me too!
We filled our bags with gifts of food for our friends.
Olivia: Everyone is going to get to give a bag.
Morah Katie: Yes! Everyone gets to give a bag of treats to a friend. 
We shared our Mishloach Manot. 
We gave more tzedakah in honor of Purim.
We continued to enjoy listening to the story and the happy ending.

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