Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pesach ba, Passover is coming!

Mimi: Look Morah Katie I wrote Pesach!
(phonetically) there is the P, there is the "ay" there is the "s" there is the "o" and the "k"!

Morah Tzivie read us a story about a Shabbat table transforming itself into a table ready for a Passover meal.
We listened as Morah Tzivie explained why we eat such interesting foods at the seder.
We were very concerned about mean King Pharaoh and the hard working Jewish people.
The Jewish people were working so hard, with no time for family or sharing; they were so sad.
They prayed to Hashem. 
Hashem sent Moses to tell Pharaoh to let the Jewish people go.
Pharaoh would say:
Finally after 10 plagues King Pharaoh let the Jewish people leave Egypt.
We are enjoying preparing for this special holiday.
Matan is preparing for when he eats real crunchy matzah.
Sroli: It is like we are in Egypt and we have to keep building. 
But we need to make the points of the pyramid.
Natan: We can use triangles.
Judah: Yeah we are working so hard. And Pharaoh won't let us go.
Sroli: But finally he does and we are free.
What is wrong with this table?
Natan: No challah at Pesach! This table is mixed up!
Sroli: Unless it is Shabbat, then no matzah or maror!
The children decided it should be a Seder dinner 
and made the appropriate changes to the very mixed up table.
 Thursday we discovered that Sally and Billy had come to visit.
Sally: MY! Why is this table looking so special? Is it Shabbat already?
Kids:NO! Its Thursday! AND It's not a Shabbat table!
Abigail: It's a Pesach table!
Billy: A what table? 
Abigail: A seder table.
Billy: How is it different from Shabbat?
Natan: Matzah! 
Eliana: The matzah is crunchy!
Abigail: We don't eat challah.
Sally: Why do we eat matzah, it looks flat.
Natan: To remember the Jewish people.
Billy: I remember the Jewish people when I eat fluffy challah.
Eliana: The king made them work so hard. 
Abigail: For a long long time.
Eliana: He kept changing his mind, yes go, no stay. 
They didn't have time to make anything but flour and water. 
Abigail: So crunchy matzah!
Sally: What about all the other interesting food I see?  
What is that reddish food, it looks like there are chopped apples?
Abigail: Apples and nuts. 
Natan: The heavy bricks.
Eliana: The Jewish People had to keep building for the king.
Abigail: They (Jewish People) carried bricks on THEIR BACKS! So Hard!
 Billy: I see celery, I love celery.
Abigail: You dip it in salty water, it reminds us of the tears we cry.
Eliana: They didn't have time for anything.
Sally: I think I understand, but why are there 4 cups of wine?
Eliana: They leave it (Egypt), the king says go finally and they go out to the desert.
Abigail: So we are so happy. 

 Abigail: OH the frogs are all over the place!
 Morah Katie: Olivia your dinner table looks so special.
Olivia: It's a holiday 
and you know they babies have to be comfortable
 so they are sitting on pillows.
Abigail: The baby is at the Pesach dinner.
Abigail: I drew my own seder plate. 
This is the lettuce and this is the chicken bone 
and this is the bitter maror.

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