Friday, May 29, 2015

While updating the calendar this week, I realized we have just about 3 weeks until summer break begins.
3 weeks to evaluate what the pre-k group has learned.
3 weeks to begin to transition my next group of leaders.
3 weeks to reinforce all that my youngest group has learned.
Despite my heart telling my brain to trust "the system",  I always begin to feel anxious.
I hope I have not failed them.
My passing or failing grade is yet to be determined, but as the week progressed the children showed me what they have learned, and who they are becoming.
Amelia: We are building traps.
Clara: They climb in here and they get trapped!
Clara: I need to add another one.
Natan: Surprise!
Clara: Now we have 2 traps,
Amelia: Where is Ari.
Ari: I am here.
Amelia: It's a volcano and a storm is coming but the children are down below. Do you see the raindrops?
Morah Katie: I do.
Evan: I am going to need more oranges squares. This one is white though.
Morah Katie: That shape is called a rhombus.
Evan: Ha, a rhombus looks totally like a diamond.
Evan: Hey! The blue is a rhombus too! I only need one more green triangle then I'm done.
Olivia: I'd really like to plant a garden but I'm pretty busy building my house.
Isaac: I can help you.
Sroli: Your garden is really big.
Olivia: We are planting them and working hard together.
 Isaac: I am drawing me. This is my head and my brain and the bump I have. These are my eyes.
I drew my teeth and I need my nose.
And my hair, the yellow is my brain.
 Judah: I need a dry erase marker.
Olivia: I need a marker also.
Judah: Well what will I use?
Olivia: I will give you mine, and then we can take turns so we can both draw.
Judah: That is a good idea.

Abigail: We made lots of plums.
Anton: I didn't realize how many plums I had. I did a lot of mitzvahs.
Clara: The tree may be empty.
Amelia: Yeah, we filled it and now we are taking it down.

There were many more moments I had the good fortune to witness.  At the end of the week, my heart is full of joy and my brain is not as anxious.

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