Thursday, February 11, 2016

A few of our favorite mice

Our Eric Carle studio has been transformed into a "Lightbulb Lab" in honor of Kevin Henkes.
Matan: I made a robot mouse.
Ari: I am making meteors. PAPER meteors
but they are meteors and my name is on them.
As we compare Eric Carle and Kevin Henkes, the children refine their perceptual abilities. 
They see the differences, and similarities. 
Morah Katie: Can you describe how Eric Carle and Kevin Henkes illustrate their books?
Augie: They both use lots of colors I like.
Evan: I like the words they use.
Abram: Kevin Henkes draws with markers or pencils.
Judah: Eric Carle paints and makes textures.
Morah Katie: How does Eric Carle  make textures?

Evan: He makes collage and uses other stuff to mark up the paint.  
Morah Katie: Would you mistake a Kevin Henkes book for an Eric Carle book?
Kids: NO!
Evan: Kevin Henkes likes mice so his books have mice on the cover.
Morah Katie: Eric Carle likes animals.
Olivia S.: But he makes his pictures look different then drawing them.
Kevin Henkes draws, children draw.
When children draw, they gain fine muscle control, while strengthening their eye-hand motor coordination.  
 The children have discovered how capable they can be,
and this has given them a deep sense of pride.
Abram: Who are you drawing?
Clara: Chrysanthemum.
Abram: I like your Chrysanthemum.
Clara: Thanks, I do too.
Judah: I didn't think I could draw a mouse but
I did. I know how to now.
 I drew Chrysanthemum
now I am drawing Lilly.

The Stories
Morah Katie:  How did Chrysanthemum feel about her name at the beginning of the story?
Abram: She liked it.
Morah Katie: What happened at school?
Angie: They were teasing her because her name is so long.
Judah: It has 13 letters.
Morah Katie: If Chrysanthemum was in our class and you saw her getting teased, what would you do?
Abram: I’d ask them to stop teasing her.
Augie: I’d help her feel better by giving her a hug.
Morah Katie: How do you think Chrysanthemum felt when she was teased?
Clara: Mad, they weren’t treating her nice.
Morah Katie: When did she begin to feel better about her name?
Abe: When Mrs. Twinkle said she was named after a flower.
Clara: And that she was going to name her baby after a flower.  I have a rose named after me, it’s the Clara rose.
Nora: I have a rose too, it’s the Nora Clara rose.
Evelyn: I’m named after a flower too, the Evelyn flower.
Morah Katie: What is the story Owen about?
Augie: Fuzzy, a blanket.
Morah Katie: What happens to Fuzzy the blanket?
Abe: Well they (grown ups) think that Owen should not have it anymore.
Nora: But he wants it.
Clara: His mom cuts it into handkerchiefs so Owen ends up having a lot of Fuzzies.
Augie: Then he is really happy to have so many.
Morah Katie: Tell me about Lilly.
Judah: Lilly wrote a mean note to Mr. Slinger.
Morah Katie: Why did she draw the mean picture?
Judah: Well, he stole her purple plastic purse.
Morah Katie: Did he steal it?
Judah: No. She made bad choices about it and then he took it until the end of the day.
Morah Katie: What did she do with the note?
Clara: Put it in his bag.
Judah: She wanted him to feel bad
Morah Katie: Lilly was angry, she drew a mean picture of her teacher.  Is that ok?
Ari: No.
Morah Katie: I think drawing the picture was ok, I tell you guys you can always tell me when you are angry at me. I will still love you. But how would I feel if you snuck a mean picture of me into my lunch bag to find at home?
Clara: Sad.
Morah Katie: I probably would feel sad.  How did Lilly's story end?
Judah: She saw Mr. Slinger had made her nice note, so then she felt bad and made him a nice note and then they decided to throw the mean note away. And then everyone was happy.

Morah Katie: Tell me what happened when Sophia spent A Weekend with Wendell.
Evan: She is looking sad.
Olivia: She seems worried.
Judah: She is unsure about spending a weekend with him.
Morah Katie: What does Wendell do?
Evan: He is pretty bossy.  
Olivia: She gets mad and then bosses him.
Evan: And then he is sad.
Augie: But then they play together and are happy.

We have discovered that we have all felt teased like Chrysanthemum,
loved something special like Owen,
been angry like Lilly, 
We have had to learn how to share like Sophia and Wendell.
Morah Katie: What do you think Kevin Henkes thinks about as he gets ready to create a book?
Judah: He thinks about how he maybe felt and then he writes about feeling that.
A quote from Mr. Henkes:
 I suppose I remember how things “felt” when I was young—this helps me when I’m writing. On occasion, I’ll use a fact or two from my life, but only as a starting point. 

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