Thursday, February 4, 2016

Authors and illustrators

The benefits of reading to and exposing young children to books are plentiful.
Reading exposes children to rich language and diverse content.  

Story books spark children’s imagination as they entertain and inform.  
Books with rhymes and repetitive phrases allow children to share the reading experience, to feel as if they are reading along.

The benefits of art and exploring artists in a preschool setting are also plentiful. 
Art allows a child to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings.
We are offered a view into what is on their mind and how they view the world.
We will be looking closely at 3 author/illustrators over the next few weeks.
How do the authors use words to tell their story? What stories do they tell?
How do they create the art to tell the story?
How are we similar to these artists when we create stories and illustrations?

Eric Carle
Feeding a very hungry caterpillar
Catching flies for a mixed up chameleon.
We have filled our classroom with Eric Carle books.
We created an Eric Carle artist studio filled with art supplies to inspire us. 

Abram: Eric Carle uses textures in his paintings. 
Matan: I am making Eric Carle a book.
Clara: He also makes collages for his pictures.
Olivia and Asher painted and added tissue paper to change the color.
They  applied more paint with a sponge to add patterns and texture.
On Tuesday Augie and Judah each painted an entire sheet of paper.
They used sponges and combs to add lines, shapes and textures.
On Thursday (once their paintings were dry) they cut out shapes and used them as collage.
Augie: Eric Carle uses paint and collage to make his pictures.
I like the colors he uses. I chose red  because it is my favorite.
Judah: I am going to make my own book like Eric Carle.
  In addition to art supplies in our Eric Carle artist studio, we had crafts to connect us to his stories.
Morah Katie: What are somethings you like best about Eric Carle books?
Abram: I really like the colors, like the bottom of the pancake book, it has orange and it's my favorite color.
Augie: I really like the pictures and how they look.
Maya: I liked the ladybug chasing the animals, they were so big and she was grouchy.
Abram: I liked it when the whale slaps the grouchy lady bug with his tail, he was the biggest but he must have heard the tiny ladybug.
Olivia S: I liked that we knew "oh you're not big enough" with the ladybug book.
Evelyn: I like the cat book with all the food.
Morah Katie: That title is Today is Monday.
Olivia S: But TODAY is Thursday!
Morah Katie: And Evelyn's favorite book is called 
Evelyn: Today is Monday. I like the cat.

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