Friday, February 19, 2016

You don't need paint or markers to create illustrations; paper, glue and imagination will do.

Lois Ehlert creates her illustrations with collage.  
She uses paper to create her images,
as well as real items to create layers and textures.
Judah: I am using the wood sticks to make a nest and the feather is a part of the bird.
We discovered that Lois Ehlert created the images to one of our favorite books: 
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
We created our own trees.
Morah Katie: Looking at the books in our library, how are Lois Ehlert books different from Eric Carle or Kevin Henkes?
Judah: Well she just uses stuff in collage. 
Clara: She uses a lot of shapes in her books to make her pictures.
Evan: The Color Farm book is really funny.  But they all like animals.  They all have animals in their books.

A few moments of play and discovery.
Lochlan created a road with bridges for his truck.
Play dough is always fun.
Nora: I am squeezing it all by myself. AND I'm putting the colors together.
Sharing and creating strengthens friendships.
Ari: Morah Katie guess what? I bet you didn't know I was hiding one pyramid in another! 
And there is still another one! 
Three. I made 3 pyramids.
Augie: I built this one, and I built this one so now I am moving on to this one. 
They are not easy but I really like it. 
So I'm just going to do it.
We have taken a close look at 3 very different author/illustrators. 
Next week, we will become the authors and illustrators. 
With all the imagination and curiosity these children possess,  
I have no doubt a Caldecott winner is in our midst.

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