Friday, March 17, 2017

Let's Build

We had a Build Challenge this week.
We began with our blocks.
We challenged the children to replicate what they saw in pictures.
Block play supports learning opportunities in the preschool classroom.  
It stimulates imagination and creativity.
We asked them to think broadly beyond the photo challenge, "what else can you do to this block structure?"
Block play fosters math and science.  
The children kept adding length to their road, "Let's make it longer/how many more blocks do we need? Look I can carry five!/Look two of the medium blocks make one long block!" 
Block play develops self esteem.
Mason: I made stairs!
Building continued on the playground
Block play fosters spatial awareness.
After some  serious work and planning for bike routes, 
a long, balance path was created.
The path also required cooperation and teamwork which fosters friendships.
We encouraged the children to create with Lego, big and small.
Miles: My two sections can come apart.
Lochlan: I have a tall tower.
Colette: My tower is tall too.
Lochlan: I'm building a lighthouse for boats in the fog.
Emily: I'm building a boat for me and my mom to go on.
Lochlan: Yeah and in the fog you can see the light.
Miles: I made a boat.
Olivia: I wanted to make a car, but there were no wheels or circles so I made a flying car instead.
And look you can see through it.
The rain stopped and the sun came out.
We grabbed the chance for outdoor play and build time.
Maya: This is heavy. I don't know if I can do it.
Morah Katie: Have you tried rolling it? It is heavy. But I think you are pretty strong and Hashem did give you two strong arms and two strong legs.  I have faith in your ability to push it.
Jade: Yeah we can do it.
Maya: Yeah I can, we can do it.
Sophia: Ummm... Morah Katie I rolled it but I think I DO need help lifting it. It is a bit heavy for me.
Morah Katie. I did watch you roll a lot of logs Sophia.  You are strong, and I am also happy to help you lift a log.
Colette: Now we can roll it. 
Maya: We can take turns.
Collette: We can.
In addition to building with blocks and Lego bricks this week, we also continued to build friendships.
One way to do this is to pay attention to what our friend is saying even when they don't use words.
We made fun pasta faces to help us identify feelings we might see on our friends faces.
We discussed what these faces might feel and when:
Morah Katie: What part of a friends body can tell you how they are feeling?
Olivia: Face.
Morah Katie: What makes you feel happy?
Sadie: When my friends give me hugs to make me feel better.
Mason: When someone plays with me.
Matan: When Ari plays with me.
Lakshmi: When someone hugs me when I am sad.
Emily: Morah Katie and Morah Jillian make me happy.
Morah Katie: Thank you Emily, that is so kind, I feel so happy.  What about the Sad face, when do you feel sad?
Lochlan: When mom says to get dressed for school and I can't and she says I can.
Mason: When mom gives me a time out.
Sadie: When my mom and dad put me in time out.
Emily: When my mom puts me in time out.
Morah Katie: Wow.  Do you guys know why you get a time out?
Mason: We do something wrong.
Morah Katie: Maybe you made a poor choice. What can you do instead? What can you do differently?
Mason: Make a better choice?
Morah Katie: That sounds like a better idea and maybe a happier one.  
At school, what can you do when you see your friend's unhappy face?  
Lochlan: When we stop and listen our friends feel happy. 
Morah Katie: You can stop and check on them. What will you hope to see on their face?
Miles: A smile.

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