Friday, March 10, 2017

Purim Party Week

It has been a party in the classroom this week.
Morah Katie: Please tell me why we are having a party.
Sadie: Purim.
Lochlan: The king. King Ash.
Matan: He was a silly king.
Morah Katie: Tell me more.
Mason: The king wanted a queen.  And it was Esther. Queen Esther.
Morah Katie: Was she excited to be Queen?
Kids: NO.
Mason: But she did it.
Matan: Because the king said it.
Lochlan: Then there is Haman.
Matan: Wicked.
Morah Katie: What does he want?
Sadie: People to bow.
Maya: Rabbi Mordechai doesn't want to.
Morah Katie: Does he?
Kids: (with smiles) NO!
Lochlan: Haman's mad. He tells the king. 
Maya: He is mean all the time.
Jade: He gets meaner after.
Sadie: He has a plan.
Morah Katie: What happens?
Maya: Rabbi Mordechai tells Esther.
Mason: Then Esther goes and talks to the king.
Maya: She tells the king about Haman's mean plan.
Lochlan: She says "Get rid of Haman" and he does.
Olivia: Haman gets sent out.
Sadie: And now we have a party.

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