Thursday, March 23, 2017

Many interesting and exciting things to discover

We found some new and interesting things in our classroom this week.
Mason/Jade/Lochlan: Why is there a brick in the classroom?
Jade: I have bricks in my house, they build my house.
Mason: Yeah people use bricks to build stuff.
Lochlan: Lots of buildings have bricks. It is heavy, but I am strong.
 Miles: I am strong, I can lift it. Oh IT is heavy.
Mason: Yeah it is heavy.
We  found some familiar things.
Sadie saw the brick, took her notebook down and looked for a certain picture. 
Once she found it, she began to search for that activity in the classroom. 
When she found it, she matched it to last years picture.
Olivia: I wish I knew more of my Hebrew so I could tell Piper what these are.
I know they are for a holiday. 

Morah Katie: Do you remember the name of the holiday? 
Olivia: It's not Purim because that just happened. It's Passover.

Matan: These guys, I know them.  
Matan: What is that, why are they dipping? It looks like the brick. 
Morah Katie: I know, isn't it interesting? I'm so excited to get busy with all our Passover, Pesach, activities.
The new items in our classroom are getting us excited to learn more about our upcoming holiday.
We discovered we are going to eat a very special meal.
Morah Katie: Think about what you may have had for dinner last night.
Raise your hand if you remember.  At my house we had some chicken and avocado with some rice.
We had some water, CJ had almond milk.  I did not put candles on my dinner table last night
Matan: Chicken. And we had cups to drink with.
Maya: Mushrooms, potatoes and garlic butter.  We had some spoons, forks, food.
Olivia: Fish sticks and kale salad.  Yeah, we had the plates and stuff to eat with.
Morah Katie: Think about your Shabbat dinner table.  Shabbat dinner is not just any dinner.  
What are the special things you put on your Shabbat table?
Sadie: Candles 
Lochlan: One cup.
Jade: We have challah.
Morah Katie: Guess what? Pesach ba, Pesach ba, Passover is coming Passover is coming. It is a very special day and we eat a very interesting and different dinner.
At Passover we don't eat
Lochlan: The challah.
Morah Katie: We eat 
Colette: Matzah.
Morah Katie: We also eat
Lochlan: From the Seder plate.
Morah Katie: And we instead of 1 cup of wine we have
Mason/Sophia: We have four!
Olivia: And we can keep this cup for Elijah.
Morah Katie: Our table has transformed!  
 Morah Katie: What does a Shabbat dinner and a Seder dinner have in common?
Olivia: The Candles.
Jade: Look, it's matzah on the game.

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