Friday, January 4, 2019

The Gan Farm

It was wonderful to come back to school this week. 
Everyone so happy and excited to be here, we jumped right in to our next topic of exploration.
Morah Katie: Our letter of interest is "Bb." For example B for Barn.
Whare or what place would we find a barn?
Eli: Outside.
Lochlan: Somewhere warm.
Moshe: Somewhere cold.
Morah Katie: Yes, I think you can find a barn outside, in both warm and cold places.
Let me ask my question a different way, what would be living by a barn?
Zoey: Horses.
Makayah: Cows.
Lochlan: Butterflies.
Moshe: Rooster.
Clive: Chicken.
Emily: Sheep.
Moshe: Duck.
Lochlan: Bunny.
Morah Katie: Does anyone else often live near a barn?
Lochlan: Farmers.
Morah Katie: And in what location would we find all of these animals and the farmer, near the barn?
Moshe: On FARMS.

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