Friday, January 18, 2019

Morah Katie: Last week we talked about the animals a farmer takes care off, what else does a farmer do on a farm?
Lochlan: Grows food, like onions.
Moshe: Carrots.
Ozzie: Maybe coconuts.
Makayah: Strawberries.



Morah Katie: What do all plants need to grow?
Makayah: Water.
Lochlan: Sunshine.
Morah Katie: What do carrots, corn, broccoli and trees have in common?
Lochlan: They all have roots.
Makayah: They all need food and water.
Emily: They start from seeds.
Evan: They make food.
Morah Katie: What are things trees provide for us?
Makayah: Colors, they are beautiful.
Evan: Food.
Lochlan: Healthy air and shade on a sunny or rainy day.
Emily: Fruit to eat at snack time.
Morah Katie: What do you think our world would be like if we didn't have trees?
Evan: No apples to dip in honey.
Lochlan: Not as much oxygen to breathe.
Emily: No fruit.
Moshe: No tables.
Makayah: No chairs.
Emily: No fruit at snack time.
Morah Katie: The world would be very different without trees.

Morah Katie: Do you and trees have anything in common?
Lochlan: We need water and trees need water.
Emily: They start as seeds. But they get big.
Morah Katie: Do you begin small and grow big?
Emily: Yes, we do. I am bigger now.

Morah Katie:  Is there anything else you have in common with trees? (children thinking)
  If want you to imagine yourself a tree, what type of tree would you be?
Emily: Peach.
Evan: Apple.
Makayah: Strawberry.
Moshe: Orange.
Clive: Apple.
Zoey: Cake.
Morah Katie: You would all be sweet fruit trees. You aren't trees. You are children. You don't produce sweet fruit. What sweet things do you produce?
Lochlan: Doing kind things. Sweet words and love. 
Emily: Being nice.
Morah Katie: What actions would be kind and nice?
Moshe: Mitzvahs!
Morah Katie: Right, you can produce mitzvahs-good deeds we can do everyday.  What are some mitzvahs you can do?
Moshe: Make our bed.
Emily: Make our lunch for our mom's.
Lochlan: Ask our mom's what chores we can help do.
Evan: Help our dad in the yard.
Moshe: Listen to our mom's.
Makayah: Share with friends.
Emily: Playing with friends.
Lochlan: Inviting friends to play.

We have begun creating an orchard in our classroom.  It will not be just any fruit orchard, it will be a Mitzvah orchard.
We will write down the sweet, good deeds the children do on a "piece of fruit" and add it to our trees.
In past years, our Mitzvah trees have grown heavy with fruit. I have a feeling this year will follow the pattern.

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