Friday, January 11, 2019

The animals on the farm

Our exploration of farm life and farm animals continues.
We sorted animals by where they live: Jungle, Farm, Water.
We reinforced our knowledge of colors by making colored sheep.
We sang "Baa Baa red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple/pink sheep". 
We listened for our sheep's color and then held our sheep up proudly.
We reinforced our counting skills with a long distance memory game.
One friend chose a numeral card and showed it to the second friend. The second friend then had to  place the correct quantity of spots on the cow.  Did the numeral and quantity match?  

Everyday at our morning circle, our helper of the day "wakes us up" with the rooster puppet. 
We sing the Morning Prayer of Gratitude.
We thank Hashem for giving us another day, for the sun and rain.
We made rooster puppets to take home. 
Great care and attention was given to the making of these roosters.
Together with our rooster, we sent home a "Modeh Ani" card. We sing this song every morning at preschool, and now you can sing it with your child too.

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