Friday, March 15, 2019

Purim Mitzvot

We know the story of Purim.
 Now we are preparing to celebrate.

How do we celebrate? What mizvot do we do?
Moshe: Listen to the megillah.

Lochlan: Share more tzedakah with people.

Emily: Dress in costumes.
Lochlan: Have a big party.

Makayah: Give gifts of food.

We learned from the Purim story that Hashem has a plan, even when we sometimes don't know what it is... in our Purim story the plan was revealed at the end. 
We celebrate Hashem's miracles in the Purim story, when the Jewish people were saved. 
We celebrate Hashem's miracles in the small joys that we have everyday.  The small joys are revealed when we stop, look and listen.
We saw grass growing and the sun in the sky. We saw our shadows. 
We saw airplanes and birds flying. We saw a pond. 
We heard birds, car horns and the wind. 
We felt the chilly air. 


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