Friday, March 8, 2019

What we know about Purim.

Morah Tzivie: A holiday is coming up.
Emily/Moshe: Purim!
Morah Tzivie: It is such a fun holiday. We have a party and wear costumes.  Before we talk more about what we do and how we celebrate, first we will get to know the people. 
Morah Tzivie shared with us about Rabbi Mordechai.
We know:
Lochlan: Rabbi Mordechai is the leader of the Jewish people.  
Makayah: Rabbi Mordechai helps people who are struggling.
Lochlan: Rabbi Mordechai is a good leader because he helps, he thinks of others.
Annabel: He was really kind.

Morah Tzivie shared with us about Esther.
We know:
Makayah: Esther is kind and nice to people.
Emily: Esther is thoughful to other people.
Evan: She helps people
Lochlan: She shares tzedakah.
Moshe:She made challah.
Makayah: She meets and greets people.
Lochlan: Esther said blessings.

Morah Tzivie shared with us about King Achashverosh.

We know:
Moshe: He was a silly king.
Lochlan: He made not good choices.
Makayah: He listened to bad stuff.
Lochlan: He cares more about money.
Clive: He cares more about himself.
Lochlan: He DID choose Esther to be his Queen.
Morah Tzivie told us about Haman.
Makayah: Haman is not nice.
Lochlan: Haman makes people do what he says... But Rabbi Mordechai doesn't do it.
Emily: He tells people to do stuff.
Evan: He hurts people.
Lochlan: He thinks HE is the important guy BUT HE isn't the important guy.
Moshe: He is bossy and plotting.

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