Friday, March 22, 2019

The Purim Story
By The Gan-Garrett Class of 2019

King Achashverosh was the King of Persia, ruling over 127 countries. He wanted a Queen. ”All the girls in Persia must come and I will choose a new queen”.
Rabbi Mordechai was the leader of the Jewish people. His cousin Esther lived with him.  Esther was kind and helpful. She loved doing mitzvahs.
From all the girls in Shushan, King Achashverosh chose Esther to be his new queen.
Esther was not happy to be chosen as the Queen, but Rabbi Mordechai reminded her that Hashem must have a reason why she was chosen to live in the palace.
Haman was a mean man. He was the King’s advisor and thought he was so important. He told everyone they must bow down to him. Haman got so angry because Rabbi Mordechai refused to bow down to him.
Haman got permission from King Achashverosh to get rid of Mordechai and all his people.
Rabbi Mordechai told Queen Esther she needed to tell King Achashverosh about Haman’s plan. “This must be the reason why you became queen. So you can help save the Jewish people.
 While Rabbi Mordechai and the Jewish children prayed to Hashem to save them from Haman’s plan, Esther went to talk to the king.
Queen Esther invited King Achashverosh and Haman to a party and she told King Achashverosh that Haman was the man who wanted to get rid of her and all her people. King Achashverosh punished Haman and saved the Jewish people.
 Rabbi Mordechai and Esther wrote a megillah to tell the story of how Hashem saved the Jewish people from Haman’s plan.
We celebrate Purim every year to remember this great miracle.

We read the Megillah that tells the Purim story.
We give extra tzedakah to help poor people.
We give gifts of food, Shalach manos, to our friends.
We eat hamantash and wear costumes at our festive Purim meal.

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