Friday, May 3, 2013

Revisiting the importance of play.
Play is arguably the most important component for learning.
Play is a significant topic in early child development.
It promotes physical development by allowing the child to test, explore and expand the capabilities of their growing bodies.
Play is expressed in many ways: active gross motor play, imaginative fantastical play, activities with toys, talking while creating.
It is fun, spontaneous and created by the child.
Play is vital to the emotional and social development of the child, as well as their neurological development.
Play is learning by doing. As the child plays, s/he discovers and learns.
Tori: When he drops the balls in the tube and I block them with my hand THEY TICKLE MY HAND!
Play promotes language development and helps to lay the neural grid for a creative and successful mind.
Anton: HEY! it has 2 giraffes and I HAVE 2 Giraffes!!
Play encourages creativity and innovation.
With some hard work and determination, Natan created a train.
Dena discovered: Hey when I stand this way it doesn't move but when I stand this way it spins.
Morah Katie: Why do you think that is?
Dena: The wind hits it better. 
With some thought and creativity, the next day Dena found a way to keep it spinning while she ran and played.
Play develops collaboration amongst the children:
Noah: Efraim can I paint with you?
Efraim: Yes.
Noah: We can mix the colors.
Efraim: Green purple.
Play develops communication.
Abigail: Sroli don't take my paper, I mad.
Sroil: OK Abigail I won't take paper. 
Abigail: Sroli will you play me?
Sroli: I will play Abigail.
Chase/Tag is a fun and popular game. It requires negotiations of who will be it, and for how long.  It has been discovered that everyone LOVES to be chased, but not many love being the Chaser.  Part of the game becomes managing feelings and creating rules that promote fairness and good feelings for everyone.

Play promotes the qualities which can be found in a successful child, one who collaborates, creates, thinks critically and is confident in themselves.

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