Friday, May 17, 2013

We spent our short week as Michelangelo.  
We read that he created his paintings on walls, and painted a famous ceiling.
We laid on our backs and imagined what it might be like to paint a ceiling. What would we paint?
Aaron: The sky.
Efraim: People.
Kian: A big castle. 
To experience painting upside down, we used a table as our ceiling. 
Our playhouse is being transformed into the Sistine Chapel.
 Michelangelo was a painter and a sculptor.
We looked at some of his sculptures, and then created our own.
Morah Katie: Efraim what are you sculpting?
Efraim:  A mama and baby.
Morah Katie: Is the clay soft or hard?
Tori: It is soft and hard.
Morah Katie: Can you imagine using hammers and chisels to break pieces of stone of large rocks?
Noah: That would be a lot of work.

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