Friday, September 15, 2017

We are exploring our hearts this week.

We know many things about our hearts. 
Matan: Our heart keeps us alive. When it is broken our heart hurts.  
We found our hearts in our bodies and sat quietly to feel it beat, beat, beat.

We then made a "heart" beat with our breath to our very own heartbeats.
Jade: Our heart pumps our blood around.
Lakshmi: It brings blood up and down my body.
Colette: It moves oxygen in the blood to my body. 
Rowen: I have red and blue. My heart is moving the blood.
Carson: It beats and it is strong.
Miles: It's a muscle. It has veins.
Morah Katie: Why are the arteries red?
Colette: It has the oxygen.
Morah Katie: Why are the veins blue?
Maya: It needs the oxygen.
Maya: It helps me be kind.
Maia: It helps you play with a friend.
Morah Katie: We know our brain helps us think kind thoughts and words to say.  It helps us make sweet kind choices.  When your friend says kind things and shares, how does your heart feel?
Maya: Happy.
Jade: When Moshe smiles at me I feel happy.
Aura: Sharing is nice.
Matan: Playing with a friend is nice and it makes me happy.

Learning about the brain and the heart has been really interesting and exciting.
They were an introduction and preparation for our upcoming holiday.
Next week we begin preparing for Rosh Hashanah, The New Year.
We will learn about the traditions and foods we eat, and why making sweet kind choices helps to celebrate this fun and happy holiday.

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