Friday, February 23, 2018

A late season snow is very fun spent with preschool friends.
 In between playing in the snow this short week, 
we created some Queen Esther's to decorate our classrooms.
We know some important things about Queen Esther.
Lakshmi: She is beautiful.
Colette: She is brave. She asked the king to dinner and invited Haman too.
Morah Katie: How do you think she felt when she went to the king?
Miles: Worried but she did it any way.
Maya: She was just brave, she just did it.
Colette: She told the king Haman's plan.
Maya: She is the hero because she is kind, AND she saved the Jewish people.
Lakshmi: She is my favorite because she saved the Jewish people.
Emily: She was brave.

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