Friday, February 2, 2018

We know that trees have
Colette: Roots.
Miles: So they can grow.
Lochlan: They help them stay strong and standing.
Carson: They dig down into the dirt.
Morah Katie: Branches sprout from the?
Jade: Bark.
Morah Katie: Bark is an important part of the tree. It is the protective armor on the outside of the branches and the part they extend from, the ....
Carson: Trunk.
Morah Katie: What grows off the branches?
Matan: Leaves.
Morah Katie: What else can trees give us?
Evan: Food so people can eat.
Morah Katie: What holiday are we celebrating this week?
Moshe: Tu B'Shevat.
Jade: The birthday for trees.
Lochlan: To thank Hashem.
Carson: Cause they give us so many things.
Moshe: Apples.
Jade: Wood. 
Lochlan: Shade.
Moshe: Flowers.
Carson: Oxygen.
Morah Katie: How are we similar to trees?
Jade: We grow too.
Carson: We grow food in our gardens. 
Morah Katie: We can grow foods in our garden, what can we produce that are similar to the fruit that trees produce for us?
Lochlan: Mitzvot!
Kindness in Action
Evan tried helping Eli open his apple sauce.
When Evan couldn't, he asked Lochlan for help.
Lochlan got it open.
Lakshmi helps Jennifer fold our towels.
Sophia shared the magnet tiles with Jade.
Carson helped Ozzie explore the movable alphabet.

We used our helping hands to make hand print trees.  
Please come into our classes to read about the mitzvot 
we thought of as we created these fruit filled trees.

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