Friday, February 9, 2018

Shapes are everywhere!
We know that circles are round and flat. 
You can walk on them.
You can even draw them while you sit in one.
You can put a lot together and it looks like a flower. 
If they are big enough, you can jump through them!
We discovered that clementines have hidden circles in them when you cut them in half.
Some of us discovered that circles are just like the letters in their names!
Rowen: I have a circle in my name.
Ozzie: I have a circle in my name!
Rowen: We both have circles!
We know that rectangles have two long sides and two short sides.
We also know what squares are special.
Moshe: Square!

Lakshmi: Squares can be rectangles, but a rectangle can't be a square!
Lakshmi and Morah Katie made a rectangle made of circles!
Matan: Look! There are rectangles all OVER the floor!
We know all about triangles.
Lochlan: It is a triangle because it has these 3 connects.
Matan: A triangle has 3 points.
Sophia: Here are blue triangles and here and blue triangles.
Jade and Eli used the red and blue rods to create a triangle obstacle course.
Colette put two triangle together to create a
Colette: A Square!
And then there are our faces.
So many great self portraits were created,
 please stop in the classroom and enjoy our displays.

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